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Vuk Linde
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Beer Sommelier 2013 - Moscow question (English)

Разместил(а) Июнь 22, 2013 в 2:30pm 9 Комментарии

At the Moscow Beer Sommelier event, we got into a lively discussion on the origins of beer - and on how far back they go. I first postulated that it was 6000 B.C. and the audience corrected me that it was later - 2000-3000 B.C. I am a brewer - not an archaeologist :-). I have looked into this a little bit and it appears the Moscow audience was correct! Below is an interesting excerpt from the venerable University of Chicago's Miguel Civil:…


2012 Hallertau Hop Harvest Trip

Разместил(а) Сентябрь 16, 2012 в 4:00pm 5 Комментарии

I had a chance to visit the Hallertau, Germany's largest hop producing region, during harvest season 2012 with some of my colleagues. The typical harvest season starts around end of August, beginning with Aroma varieties and goes well into September with high alpha varieties being the last ones harvested. Germany accounts for about 30% of world hop production. The Hallertau is by far the largest German hop growing region, more can be read about it here (in German, but nice pictures as…


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В 8:55pm часов Октябрь 9, 2011, Юрий Катунин сказал(а)…
Hi, Wolf! Thanks for beeing here!

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